What to expect at St. David's

Here's some basic (and hopefully, helpful) information:

Worship on Sunday mornings is at 8am, 10am, and Noon.

Our Nursery opens at 7:45am and nursery care is available until 12:30pm.

The 8am service is a small, quiet, and reflective service without music and is celebrated in the Taylor Chapel.
It is generally 50 minutes long.

At 9am, there is an Adult Study Hour. We gather in the Assistant's Office for approximately 45 minutes to discuss bible passages or a book of interest, you need not have done your homework to attend (though sometimes it helps), and everyone is welcome.

The 10am service is celebrated in our Sanctuary and has lots of singing, our fabulous Chancel Choir sings - this service generally lasts 75 minutes. Sometimes they're joined by our Gospel choir, Children's choir, or bell choir.

The Noon Service is a less formal, more relaxed worship service. Come for the fresh coffee, we’ll hear the Scriptures and a sermon before gathering around the altar for Communion. Children are welcome. Our Parish Musician, George Cullinan, will lead our music which will include hymns as well as more contemporary songs.

Almost all of our services include a celebration of The Holy Eucharist, or Communion. You do not need to be an Episcopalian to receive Communion in our church - all baptized Christians are welcome. (There is also no age-requirement for receiving Communion. So, after a child is baptized and is able to eat solid foods, they are welcome at God's Table.)

Near the middle of the service there is a sermon, typically given by our rector, Fr. Chris. It's generally 13-18 minutes in length. You can listen to or read recent sermons on our web site: click here.

There is a time for coffee, juice, and goodies after the 10am service and there is also an Adult Forum (from September to June), which features guest speakers on a variety of interesting topics. Click here to check the schedule.

Sunday School, for grades 5 and down, is held during the 10am service. The kids are brought to the church for Communion, and are then welcome to sit with their parents. You do not have to have your children registered before they go to Sunday School (though we will ask for contact information for families who bring children to Sunday School), just bring them to church and someone will help you get them to the age-appropriate classroom.

Our youth are engaged in a program called Journey to Adulthood, which meets at 11:30am till 1pm most Sunday mornings. Please give us a call if you'd like to get your youth involved in this wonderful program.

Almost all of the words of the entire service are printed in our bulletin, so you don't have to be worried about getting lost.

St. David's is a wonderful, friendly, and down-to-earth congregation that loves to be together, worship together, and have a good time together with the whole family.

Want to know more?

You can either seek out our priest, Fr. Chris, after the service, or call the church office Monday through Friday at (248) 557-5430.

You can also email Fr. Chris: chris@stdavidssf.org

Thinking about visiting St. David's on a Sunday?

This short video is an overview of our service from our priest's perspective via a Google Glass unit: