Our Stained Glass Windows

St. David's has been blessed with members and friends over the past 50+ years who provided the funds to turn ordinary windows into stained glass treasures.

We thank and bless them again for their generosity, and hope you enjoy them as well.

We invite you to join our church community to hear the Good News of Christ and experience our stained glass windows for yourself.

 Click here to view the windows

These stained glass windows were prepared by Lamb Studios.  

The J & R Lamb Studios (www.lambstudios.com), started in 1857, is the oldest, continually operating, stained glass studio in the United States.  Over these years, they have created approximately 15,000 original stained glass windows in every state in America and abroad, and more than 8,000 windows have been restored.

We were blessed to have them prepare our windows and to have just one designer, Margreta Overbeck, for all of our windows.

[All stained glass window images provided by S C Ernst, all rights reserved]